INNOTRIO CO., LTD. (branded as ACUO) offices and factory are located in Taiwan. We design, develop and manufacture all products through our in-house teams and distribute them globally through our 300+ distribution network.

At ACUO, we are truly proud of the reputation we have developed through our exceptional standards of R&D, quality assurance, competitive pricing and seamless services. We have continually meet client expectations and gained recognition from governmental institutions, globally renowned corporations and major infrastructures, such as international airports, hospitals and prestigious universities on top of many homes and families.

Our determination to provide environmentally-friendly and innovative products is one of the major objectives we continue to strive for in the many more years to come.


1. ISO-9001
2. NSF Certificate
3. RoHS
4. CNS Mark
5. MIT (Made in Taiwan)
6. Taiwan Excellence Awards (Silver)
7. Green Mark
8. Energy Label
9. SGS Tested
10. Patents


Our integrated strategy ensures that the products are unique, manufactured with quality, distributed and serviced with care.

With our own design and production departments, our sales and service teams attend internal training programs regularly, offering the highest standard of integrated solutions for our clients.